Ipé is an exotic wood species, it has a fine texture which appears oily. You won’t find any finer and more richly distinctive hardwood decking on the market. The Atlantic City Boardwalk, the outdoor walkways at the Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas, and those of the Boardwalk Hotel in Disney World are all testimonials to the beauty and durability of Ipé. Its resistance to mold, rot, insects and durability has made Ipé a benchmark material for all exterior hardwoods. It is such a resistant and durable species 

 Ipé is the ultimate solution for those who want the best and most durable outdoor design. Ipé is the product on the market that will last the longest. Being a high density and harder wood Ipe is not only the best material for outdoors, it is unique in its coloration, character marks and graining variations      

Ipe Decking is the best choice for wood decks, patios, terraces, pergolas, exterior sidings and other exterior architectural elements, it's beauty and natural resistance makes it the best decking material available worldwide.

 Ipe Hardwood Decking is strong, durable and naturally resistant to wear, rot, splintering, termites, fire, chemicals, marine borers, and virtually every other threat imaginable. When you consider all of these benefits it’s easy to see why Ipe is fast becoming the choice for many decks and outdoor living spaces.

 Very low maintenance compared other woods,

 Ipe can be oiled, to preserve it's colors or left natural and the sun will eventually transform the wood from its original reddish-brown to a beautiful silver patina.

 To create the perfect outdoor living space Ipe decking is as smooth as interior hardwoods (and no splinters) and extends your home's living space. Great for enjoying the outdoors with friends and family.

 Here are a few reasons why many prefer Ipe wood over any other decking wood:

 Ipe is resistant to scratches and slivers;Ipe is slip resistant;Ipe is fire resistant; Ipe is resistant to decay, termites and fungi;Ipe can withstand any weather condition;Ipe is easy to maintain; Ipe can last up to + 50 years!