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Glass  Fence Frameless and Glass Railing Fence

We are a wholesale distributor in Quebec and able to offer you the lowest market price

Why a frameless glass pool fence:

Tempered glass fence is  a high-end quality product, very elegant, giving a transparent look while complying with the law; very easy for you to keep an eye on your children and it does not cut your yard into two, also you can get more sunshine in your pool, since nothing prevents the warm rays penetrate inside

Easy Maintenance

glass panels are easily cleaned with rain, a detergent squeegee for glass or RainX

No rust and very strong

Corrosion resistant, all accessories are stainless steel (grade 316). 12 mm thick panels of tempered glass is very strong, one linear meter is 36 kilos weights

Security and Compliance

Our installation comply with government regulations

Glass Pool Fencing Price


one year warranty on installation and hardware

Featured Products:

Hydraulic hinges control automatic closure

Adjustable friction glass spigot( Duplex 2205) requires no holes in the glass

Magnetic lock (with/without key) automatically close door

all accessories Glass fence is in Stainless Steel (Grade 316)

1/2 inch (12mm) clear tempered glass panels at the edges ; and corner all polished-no cutting

Glass Pool Fencing Products

glass pool fencing security




 Frameless Glass Pool Fence           Glass Fence                        Glass Fence-standoff         Balustrade Glass             Glass Rampe with Handrail